Palestinian President Calls for the Enforcement of International Law

Presiden Palestina Mahmoud Abbas melaporkan kondisi terkini Negara Palestina pada pembukaan KTT Luar Biasa ke-5 OKI di di JCC, Senayan, Jakarta, Senin 7 Maret 2016.  KTT Luar Biasa ke-5 OKI membahas mengenai Palestina dan Al-Quds Al-Sharif. OIC-ES2016/Subekti.


Jakarta, 7/3 (OIC-ES2016) – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called for the enforcement of international law in facing Israel aggression against Al-Quds Al-Sharif in Jerusalem.


Mahmoud Abbas also reiterated that for more than five decades Israel has been damaging Islamic and Christian holy sites in Al Quds Al Sharif.


“The Israeli government did not give access for muslim to enter the Al Quds Al Sharif complex,” said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the opening speech of the 5th Extraordinary OIC Summit, in Jakarta Convention Center, Monday (7/3).


He declared that conflict in Palestine will continue to rise if Israel does not respect the rights of the Palestinian people.


“We appreciate the efforts of the international community in preventing damage to Al Quds Al Sharif shrine,” he said.


He said that assistance of a number of parties such as the Islamic Developmen Bank (IDB) and the OIC have given a positive influence for Palestine. In addition, it is considered that Israel must stop the occupation of Palestinian territories.


“A solution of peaceful two countries will not be achieved if Israel is continue its occupation on our territories,” he said.


He also said that Palestine continues its effort to achieve national unity through general elections. “The only way to establish a united government is by carrying out the general election,” he affirmed.


He expressed appreciation to Indonesian government for its assistance in the organization of the 5th Extraordinary Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Summit.


“We also welcome the response of the OIC countries on Palestinian demand to convene this Extraordinary OIC Summit on Palestine and Al Quds Al Sharif,” he said.


Meanwhile, Secretary-General of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Iyad bin Amin Madani said that OIC condemned the occupation by Israel because it contradicts the international law.
“The aggression executed by Israel has threatened the peace and we support the efforts of the Palestinian in opposing Israel,” said Iyad in Jakarta Convention Center, Monday (7/3).


Iyad apreciated the efforts made by United States President Barack Obama and United States Secretary of State John Kerry in the peace process in the Middle East. (Eko Budiono/RM/Hanny/Penni)



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